We are a  comprehensive enterprise  of  produce and  trade  that enjoys  independent  self-operation export  and  import  right, and  located  in  Yiwu City of Zhejiang Province with  title  of    International  Small  Commodities City  ,  the  company  is engaged  in producing and dealing in all kinds of Textiles,Bed Clothes,Apparel and it's  Accessories,  Socks,  Arts  &  Crafts,  Jewelry  Ornaments, Light Fitting, Leather Bags,  Stationery, hardware, etc. more  than  ten classes and  last then  thousands  of  kinds  goods  were for Chinese and Foreign traders to choose.  

Yiwu small commodities market is the biggest distributing center of small commodities of the Asian. The commerce of Yiwu is very flourishing, Yiwu small commodities city  has  1,000,000  square meters  large,  43,000 stalls, 32 sorts different products and 40,000 kinds  of  commodities,  more than 60,000 workers,  and  200,000  dealers in  the market  doing business everyday. Since 1991,the sales volume is one of the ten largest markets for the pasting ten years.More and more foreign businessmen want to buy the products in the Chinese Small City now,especially the export of products of our company is well received by foreign businessman unanimously: Good and Inexpensive!  

 Our  principle  is  to  put good will on the first place. Our aim  is to provide  our  customers  not   only  good  service  but  also  good  quality products with lowest price.We are sincerely hoped to cooperate with vast clients on the basis of equality and mutual benefit,  and  develop together!


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